We provide two types of licensing: One Time Use and unlimited. Our standard One Time Use license permits you to use the purchased media in one design through the terms described below. Our unlimited license expands on the One Time Use license to increase both the types and quantities of reproductions permitted, namely the ability to use our media in items that are meant for resale.

Our One Time Use License

Subject to the restrictions described under Prohibited Uses below, the following are ‘Permitted Uses’ of media purchased from us:

Unless otherwise declared as ‘unlimited’, all media available on this site is licensed under the One Time Use license, including our Editorial media.

Our Unlimited License

Our Unlimited license expands on our One Time use license in the following ways:

Both our One Time Use and Unlimited licenses permit you to use the purchased media in one project only. For use in multiple projects, additional licenses may be required. An exception to this rule is if an image is used in an editorial capacity with a duplicate article both in print and online; one license permits you to use the same image in both mediums.

Prohibited Uses

Please note that by purchasing a license to use the media on this site from us, you acknowledge that no transfer of copyright exists, and you are purchasing a license to use the media as per the terms set out in this agreement.

For any uses not listed here, or for questions regarding our licensing please contact us.